Texas Reopening And What It Means For Local Businesses

Texas was amongst the first states to reopen businesses across the country. On May 1st many Dallas businesses opened up for almost full time hours. Although there are rules like having only 25% of the dining capacity, that was a bold move.

Governor Greg Abbott announced the second phase of reopenings will be started after mid-May where unessential businesses like barber shops, salons, and gyms can open up. The news came in early May when cases were still on the rise. Since then, corona cases in Texas have started to see a slowdown.

Although Texas is first and still in the early stages of reopening, it's great to see a controlled reopening. With limitations on capacity and more cleaning requirements, many businesses are handling those standards.

Standards Still Apply During Corona Virus Business Reopenings

Along with the chaos, the normal routine of businesses has gone out the door. Many of the procedural things that businesses do are not happening and that's totally understandable as business owners fight to stay afloat. In many cases, the business regulations are still being enforced.

Americaís Fire Shield has seen an increase in calls from businesses that are randomly getting audited for fire code compliance. During normal times, a fire extinguisher inspection is not that common. With more safety precautions, businesses are getting inspected more and are often found not up to par with Texas fire safety regulations. Although itís just one of the many regulations a business has to follow, make sure to stay updated to avoid fines. We expect more and more inspections as businesses reopen across the state.
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